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Responsible Service of Alcohol

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

If a staff member suspects a patron is becoming intoxicated, he/she should consult with a Manager or Supervisor who is currently working with he/she at that time, if a decision is made not to serve any more alcohol to this patron, all staff are to abide by this decision, and the patron must leave the premises in accordance with Club Ryde X Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines and the current Liquor Act. Below is a principal of responsible servicing of liquor, please read it as it fully explains the policy Club Ryde X endeavours to achieve.

Principles of Responsible Serving of Liquor:

  • No liquor to minors
  • No liquor promotions that encourage bring drinking or drunkenes or are discriminatory or likely to appeal to minors
  • No admission of intoxicated persons
  • No service to intoxicated patrons/persons becoming intoxicated
  • A duty of care for patrons and staff
  • Patron behaviour not to adversely impact on the neighbourhood or other patrons

Responsible Serving of Liquor offences:

  • Permit intoxication or indecent, violent or quarrelsome behaviour on licencesed or registered club premises - maximum penalty $5,000
  • Sell or supply liquor to an inotoxicated person on licensed premises - maximum penalty $5,000
  • Sell or supply liquor to a minor* - maximum penalty $5,000
  • Allow liquor to be sold or supplied to a minor on licensed or club premises - maximum penalty $5,000

In aggravated circumstances heavier penalties may apply.


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